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The Brehenys are the most influential family in Australian Brewing History with eighteen different Breheny men working in dozens of breweries from 1850 -1950.

In 1891 'Breheny Bros. Breweries' was established and barrels of tasty ale were made and drunk until the mid 1930's when operations ceased.

Over one hundred years later descendants of the Breheny brothers found the original recipe books and started remaking the historic beer! Thus, Breheny Bros. Breweries' was established.

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How we got here?

Descendants of the original Breheny brothers discovered the original Breheny Bros Breweries recipe books from the 1920s then partnered with Burnley Brewing to reproduce Breheny Brothers Sparkling Bitter, Royal Lager, Queensland Bitter, and Superior Stout.

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We've just launched, so we're not available everywhere yet. But here are some ways for you to drink our historic brew.

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